Post Construction Cleaning

After a new build, renovation or construction of any kind, it is important to hire an experienced and professional cleaning company to ensure the space is spotless for the new owner. Post-construction things like dust, debris, small broken pieces, broken glass, nails or even spilled chemicals can remain. It is vitally important to have a dedicated team that knows how to safely and effectively clean up the space and make it safe for future owners, pets, and crawling kids.

Our team is experienced in thoroughly and effectively cleaning up construction sites. Whether you need recurring services for your company’s construction projects, or a one-time service for your project, Dust Details will make sure to go above and beyond your expectations and standards.

Dust Details will:

  • Accommodate your construction hours
  • Use a checklist tailored to your projects needs and requirements
  • Leave the newly built/renovated space in pristine condition
  • Use the highest quality products and materials
  • Do quality and safety checks to ensure no dangerous or toxic materials


Our Expertise
  • High Rise Towers
  • Commercial buildings
  • Multi residential buildings